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Journey (2022) 5'


US Premier [Full Concert]
(Timestamp 01:09:10)

Frost Chorale
Amanda Quist, Director
"Mirrors" 04/15/2023

Contact me for a full pdf score at

UK Premier

University of Aberdeen Recital Choir
Sam Scheibe, conductor
"Sam Scheibe Master's Recital"


Journey is inspired by the idea of semantic satiation, a term for when a word is repeated so often it loses its meaning. A refrain altered from the South African song, Hamba Nathi (Come, Walk with Us), is repeated as various solos enter over top. After enough repetition, the phrase begins to fall apart entirely, with voices only singing a fragment of each word.


Journey was premiered by students of the University o Aberdeen at Sam's graduate composition recital in May of 2022. 

Journey later had its US premier by the Frost Chorale, directed by Amanda Quist in their concert "Mirrors", April 2023.

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